Monday, 2 October 2017

How to Meditate

Meditating outside in front of the Enlightenment Stupa at The Hermitage
Buddhist Retreat Centre in Criccieth, Gwynedd, North Wales

There's a new website from the Awakened Heart Sangha which is a great introduction to the type of Formless Meditation we do on our Wednesday evening sessions.

The new website - - contains lots of helpful information about how to meditate, meditation postures, taking meditation deeper and the importance of finding a good teacher or mentor to guide you. There are also some guided mindful meditations and introductory videos. Please take a look!

Once a month we offer a guided meditation session for beginners at our open evening in Worcester, which is a great introduction to starting to meditate. Find our more about our monthly session HERE, find out more about Formless Meditation HERE.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Meditation Morning

We're holding a meditation morning on Saturday 19th August at our usual location, upstairs at the Friends Meeting House, Sansome Place in Worcester, 10am to 1pm.

We'll be practicing our Formless Meditation, both sitting and walking. There will be a break for tea and biscuits at around 11.30am.

We've put a value on the morning of £15. As always, if this isn’t possible for you, please offer what you feel you can.

We will provide meditation cushions and mats and there is the option to sit on chairs.

To book your place please email

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Summer Break

Tibetan Buddhist Shrine & Feast Offering at our meditation room in Worcester
Last night was our last group meditation session before our Summer break. We decided to mark the occasion with a feast offering: a Tibetan Buddhist practice where food is offered to the shrine and then we serve each other and then eat the blessed food!

We'll be back on Wednesday the 6th September with our monthly guided meditation session for beginners, all welcome. Find out more about attending these sessions on the Guided Meditation page HERE.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Trip to Nepal

WAHB member Jo recently visited Nepal and reports back on some of the highlights her experience:

The huge Boudhanath Stupa

It was my first ever visit to Nepal and to that part of the world. It started off as just a holiday/experience, something memorable to do for my 40th birthday, but due to a series of auspicious coincidences, became even more special and directly related to my Dharma practice than I could've imagined!

A back street in Boudha

Monday, 3 April 2017

Visit to The Hermitage

Annette, Jo, Jodie and Rachel from WAHB
Some of our WAHB group visited The Hermitage  in North Wales last month, home of our Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Shenpen.

It was lovely to be back again on our annual group weekend visit, that coincided with the Hermitage's Meditation and Teaching day.

The morning consisted of sitting and walking meditations, while Lama Shenpen continued her teaching on The Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness in the afternoon. You can view the video of the teachings on the AHS YouTube channel here. There were a lot of attendees that day, the shrine room was packed for the teaching!

The Shrine room at The Hermitage

We each had interviews with Lama Shenpen during our visit too and got to discuss our practice with her, which we all found inspiring. We also had lots of great dharma discussions with each other and other retreatants.

So it was another wonderful, rewarding trip for all of us and we can't wait to visit again soon!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Worcester Welcomes Jayasiddhi!

Worcester Awakening Heart Buddhist Group

Last Wednesday we had the pleasure of welcoming Jayasiddhi to Worcester! Jayasiddhi is the new manager at The Hermitage of the Awakened Heart in North Wales, home of our teacher Lama Shenpen.

Jayasiddhi is monk, one of only a few people who wear robes within the Awakened Heart Sangha, so it was really interesting to hear more about his background, life as a monk, his time at Gampo Abbey in Canada, and his passion for local Dharma groups.

A few of us were able to meet over lunch at the Boston Tea Party in Worcester and later on at our weekly meditation evening.

We're really looking forward to our annual group visit to The Hermitage next month, see you again soon Jayasiddhi!

Buddhism Wales, The Awakened Heart Sangha Tibetan Buddhist and Meditation Centre North Wales
The AHS Hermitage in Criccieth, North Wales

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Meditation Sessions in 2017

Our weekly, Worcester group meditation sessions returned last night following our Christmas break, with our monthly open evening, with guided meditation for beginners.

We will continue these guided sessions on the first Wednesday of the month, which are followed by refreshments and discussions relating to meditation, Buddhism and our practice. The next date is Wednesday 1st February.

We continue to meet weekly on Wednesdays at our usual venue, upstairs at the Friends Meeting House, (side entrance) Sansome Place, Worcester, 7.25pm to 9.30pm. Please note there is no parking at the venue.

All are welcome to any of our weekly sessions but our monthly guided session will be particularly helpful for anyone completely new to meditation who might be unsure if they 'can' meditate and not sure what to 'do'.

Here's the info from our previous post about our guided meditation evenings, if you're thinking of joining us:

Meditation is about gaining confidence in resting simply in your immediate experience, whatever that may be. It calms the mind but it isn't about getting rid of thoughts or trying to 'do' anything.

Practicing meditation especially at the beginning, is a process that involves learning to make friends with yourself, your thoughts and experience, and involves learning that any doubts you may have about whether you are 'actually meditating', or getting caught up in a daydream, frustrations or worries etc, are all perfectly normal and natural, and part of the process of growing in confidence in just 'being' in the moment.

Our monthly guided meditation sessions will be a great introduction to formless, mindful meditation, and will hopefully open up the experience of meditation to more people and help grow their confidence in meditating and into an experience that can be relaxing, grounding and very beneficial to health and well-being.

The evening will start with a brief introduction to the meditation, then we'll go into a guided meditation lasting approx 30 minutes. The 'meditator's verse' is said five minutes before the end, and we finish with our usual closing liturgy. Afterwards we'll have refreshments and then a discussion about our meditation practice, where we can talk through any questions, queries and experiences.

For more about Formless Meditation, visit our Meditation page. For more about the format of our meetings, visit our Group Meetings page. There's also more about our group sessions on this post HERE.

There's no need to pre-book, just arrive for 7.25pm for our introduction. The sessions are free to attend for new guests.

If you're new to the group but later decided to join us on a regular basis, there is a weekly charge to help cover costs. To find out more, visit our About page.